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Welcome!  I am Tammy Davis and the nurse for the Elementary campus for Franklin ISD.  I am a registered nurse and this is my sixth year as a school nurse.  My past experiences include working in the emergency room and pre/post op. Optimal learning requires good emotional and physical health.  It is our hope that by improving the health knowledge of students, we will help to strengthen the education process.  My goal is to make sure that all students are safe and healthy while at school.  Communication plays a vital role in helping to keep students safe and healthy.  Please feel free contact me with any health concerns concerning your child.  I look forward to a great year!  
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At the beginning of each year, the Health office ask parents to provide information about your child's health in order to help keep our student's healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  If your child requires healthcare while at school, we encourage collaboration with parents, your child's health care provider, and school nurse to develop your student's health care plan while at school.  Below are links to forms that can facilitate this process.  
My child needs medication at school 
My child has asthma
My child has a life-threatening allergy (bees/food/or any other allergy)
My child has diabetes
My child has seizures
My child will need special health care procedures while at school